LOUISVILLE, Ky. (LBF) -- You may have seen it around town — it’s actually hard to miss.

The Moe-licious BBQ food truck is emblazoned with a pink, grinning pig reclining on a grill and holding an apple. A hungry line of people often snake around it, waiting to sample popular items like jerk chicken, pulled pork and smoked macaroni and cheese. Many of these recipes can be traced back to the great-grandmother of Maurice Day.

Day is a 54-year-old retired Army staff sergeant who credits much of the food truck’s success to VetStart, a program that provides comprehensive training from Nucleus LLC, the innovation center and economic development arm of the University of Louisville Foundation. For 10 weeks, active and retired military personnel can take advantage of free business advice and other resources from a qualified mentor.

Students in the program can even receive up to $1,000 to launch or expand their enterprise.

The seed money from VetStart helped Day grow Moe-licious from a simple “side hustle” for family and friends into a two-person operation that rakes in about $150,000 in annual revenue.

“They helped me expand my brand,” said Day, who received marketing, budgeting and legal advice from the program. “They also help veterans get into something they love, and provide for them — and they help them with the post-traumatic stress disorder process along with helping them relate to the public.”

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