LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11) - Mop, wipe, change the trash. Mop, wipe, change the trash - the work of a custodian is monotonous. It’s a job Guy Harvey has been doing for 12 years. He keeps the 4th floor of Norton Children’s Hospital shiny and clean.

“Start at the door and work my way around the room and clean the whole room,” Guy explained. It’s pretty simply stuff, but only a small portion of what Guy’s job has become.

“I guess my hearts bigger than me,” Guy said.

When the cleaning’s done, he transitions from Guy the custodian, to everyone’s favorite “Uncle Guy.”

“Some days Camryn is very grumpy,” explained Beth Chase, whose son is in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant. “He doesn’t want to do anything and Guy will come in here and play with him and he’ll just be in the best mood ever. He yells for Guy all day long, even when guy’s not here.”

At just 5-years-old, Camryn has spent large portions of his life, cooped up in a hospital room.

“Camryn, take your medicine,” said Beth to her son. “No, Ick,” was Camryn’s reply, with a look of disgust on his face.

“The nurses, they come and get me, ‘Guy could you come down here to get Camryn to take his medicine?’ I say ‘ ‘ain’t no problem.’ ”

And just like that, with the help of a friend, Camryn takes his medicine.

“I see that they’re sad. You know, they really don’t want to be here and I do my best to make it fun for them while they’re here, and they get attached to me,” said Guy.

So he plays games, cracks jokes, runs errands, and is even a shoulder for parents to cry on. He’s “Uncle Guy,” that means he’s part of the family.

“I don’t come in here with that negative feeling, like I don’t feel like doing this today. I come in here with that positive all the time,” said Guy.

All the time? Surely, he has a bad day… I checked with a second source, just to be sure.

“I have never seen Guy with a down attitude,” said 11-year-old Dale Howser. Dale and Guy are good buds. They spent a lot of time together when Dale was waiting for a heart transplant.

“He’s very nice, he interacts with all the patients, and he’s just plain out, he’s always there for you, whenever he needs to be,” said Dale.

Custodian is just one, small part of Guy, his big heart offers so much to every patient he meets.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done,” said Dale. “Thank you for the support. I don’t know of any other way to thank you other than to, Thank you.”

Hold a hand, dance, play a game. Hold a hand, dance, play a game – your job is what you make it.

“It’s an adventure for me,” said Guy.