LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A house was dedicated Saturday to a local longtime civil rights activist and founder of the city’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. parade.

George Burney Sr. passed away in June at the age of 89.

Supporters gathered to pay tribute to Burney’s memory and his impact on the west Louisville community.

The revitalization of the home was spearheaded by the Jesus and a Job program.

The program puts men to work that are reentering the community.

Burney supporters plan to continue his work in stopping area violence.

“We cannot arrest our way through this situation. It's going to take all of us, every community, every neighborhood brick by brick, to solve this problem and we can only do it together and pointing fingers is not the way to do it," Kathleen Parks said.

Last year, Mayor Greg Fischer presented George Burney with the Mayor’s Freedom Award during the Keepers of the Dream showcase, an annual community arts event that celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King’s civil rights vision.