JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – A local documentary pointing out the truths of drug addiction has made its way to Jeffersonville.

It comes out of Harrison County in Indiana by prosecutor Otto Schalk. He commissioned the ‘Hit of Hell’ documentary last October. It takes people inside the hard truths of drug addiction.

“I'm sick and tired of seeing people die. I'm prosecuting them, and I see them in the obituary,” Schalk explained.

Two mothers who know first-hand what addiction can do to their children asked Schalk to bring the documentary to Cook Memorial United Methodist Church.

“Mine passed away a year ago, she died of a heroin overdose,” explained Marilyn Greenwell. “I have a son who’s a recovering addict,” Debbie Gilbert said.

Together they've launched a program called 'I am Affected' in Southern Indiana. These women said they're on a mission to find better resources for addicts and for the loved ones addicts can affect along the way.

“We have kids that have so much potential that are going off the deep end,” Greenwell said.

The documentary is normally shown in schools and is geared towards teenagers, but Gilbert hopes her adult son will eventually sit down and watch the film, too.

“I'm hoping it's not too late for my son, he's relapsed several times. He's a good person, but you know that doesn't heal him,” Gilbert said.

Greenwell and Gilbert are hoping this documentary, and their message will remind those struggling that a life lost to drugs can be avoided.

The 'I Am Affected' group holds meetings every month at Cook Memorial United Methodist Church.

To view their website, click here.

To view the full documentary, click here.