LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- With its Grecian columns and its light blue window shutters, it’s hard to miss this house that has stood off Seatonville Road for almost 150 years.

"This is one of those original homes. This was actually the phone exchange as we got into the modern era," Steve Henry, the CEO of Future Fund, said. "This person in this house would handle all the calls that came through here."

The Greek revival building at 12802 Seatonville Road, known as the Mills-Stout House, was built in the 1870s as part of the historic city of Seatonville, which has largely disappeared.

"There are still some historic elements left of the old city of Seatonville," Teena Halbig with the Floyds Fork Environmental Association said.

"From this point to downtown Louisville in the old days was a day's trip," Henry said.

Henry, who also formerly served as Kentucky's lieutenant governor, is trying to bring some of the past into the present. According to Henry, Louisville MSD bought the property off Seatonville Road, but is allowing Henry and Future Fund to relocate the building to preserve it.

Crews have already torn down newer additions of the building and will be placing beams under the original house, which has been separated into two sections, which will be moved less than half a mile away to 12500 Seatonville Road where the Abraham Funk House burned down a quarter-century earlier.

"I think we're well on our way to moving it, but it's still going to be an adventure for us," Henry said.

Many neighbors in the Floyds Fork community are excited to see progress being made, according to Henry, especially after the house has been hit by vandals several times over the past few years.

"The citizens of this area are very protective of it," he said. "They're very concerned about the future of the history. And so, we've worked with them to find vital areas that we can preserve."

"I think they never thought it would happen," Halbig said. "It's been sitting here for so long, and I"ve also had to listen to my husband say it, 'I don't think it's going to get moved. I don't think it's going to get moved.'"