LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Nearly every tire in the Mike Osbourn Lawn Care parking lot was slashed Thursday night, according to business owner Mike Osbourn.

“It just hurts me, a lot,” he said.

Osbourn said he's been running his landscaping company for 17 years. Friday morning, he found all nine of the trucks and trailers that his workers use with flat tires.

“These customers come first and I can't be there for them,” he said.

The tire slashing was caught on Osbourn’s surveillance video. One person, stabbing several tires on a trailer.

It's something all too familiar for Osbourn. WHAS11 News was at his business in 2014 when one person was caught on camera using rocks to break-into the office on Bells Mill Road.

“It doesn't make sense, I can't comprehend it,” he said.

His crew started taking the flat tires off of the trucks, but Osbourn said he doesn't know when they'll be able to get back to work, just as Spring hits Kentuckiana.

“The grass is starting to grow, the weather here in Louisville, we finally get a few sunny days, we're anxious to work, you know.”

Osbourn said he believes he knows who the person in this surveillance video is and claimed it’s a former employee. He said he filed a police report.

“I will be praying and hoping that that man will step up and own up to what he did and reimburse the business because there's no way I have $6,000 or $7,000 laying around here to buy new tires for all of our trucks,” said Osbourn.

Osbourn said he started his landscaping business when he was very young, going door-to-door push mowing.