HENRYVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- When you are left with a broken heart, it may take an entire community to begin to mend it.

"If you look around, you see sadness. You see love. You see passion. You see people hugging people and you see people taking care of each other," said Vicki Horine.

Five-year-old Adalynn Fouch and her four-year-old brother Wyatt were remembered by their teachers for the young lives they lived. "It's hurting everyone. It's hurting our little children. It's hurting parents who feel the loss. It's hurting grandparents. It's hurting teachers. It's going to hurt our school and our town, but as with anything else, we are going to heal together," Horine told WHAS11.

Those who didn't even know the family shared in the sorrow. "This family is going to be going through their darkest days and we just want to shed a little light on their life and let them know that we are here. We care. We cry for you. We hurt for you. We pray for you," Barbara Stevens said.

It's also been a tough few days for the first responders. They were not yet willing to talk about what happened. Crisis teams were called in to offer support.

"We just have to process through this. Most of us have our own children so it actually hits a little bit harder. Then when you actually know the family and actually show up to the scene, they're dealing with it the best they can," said Monroe Township Fire Chief Mark Furnish.

Funeral arrangements are pending. Their mother, Erika Fouch, is still in the hospital in serious but stable condition.