BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The Mayor of Bardstown has another day to learn his fate with the city.

A hearing continues into Thursday that will determine if he will stay on as the city's leader after allegations going through a councilmember’s personal email.

The City Council hearing was held inside a courtroom and in front of a judge, but it's the councilmembers sitting in the jury seats. They will decide whether or not to remove Bardstown Mayor John Royalty from his position.

“Mayor John Royalty was elected by 1900 votes by the citizens of this county, and is now being tying to take out by six,” said the Mayor’s attorney, Jason Floyd.

This all stems back to last November. An anonymous packet of documents was left at city hall. Private investigators said that the documents were meant to harm another council members chances of being re-elected. The private investigator also said the mayor had the city's IT specialist take city iPads from council members.

The IT specialist testified that the mayor asked him to look through Councilwoman Keisha Copeland's emails.

“My way of thinking was if things are downloaded onto the iPad, and it was a city iPad, then that was information that the City of Bardstown could access,” said City Attorney Tim Butler who also testified.

The Mayor told WHAS 11 in the past that he would not be surprised if the council voted 'yes' to remove him from his position of mayor.

“Remove the mayor cases are embezzlement, sexual harassment, intoxication on the job, those are the types of things mayors get removed for, not for confusion over iPad email accounts,” said Floyd.

The hearing continues Thursday at 9 a.m. If the council does vote to remove him, he can appeal, however, he will not be able to serve as mayor while the appeals process makes its way through the court system.