LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Cody Bates, 24, told police he was responsible for the death of his three-month-old son.

“I don’t even have my damn name to myself, now I'm going to jail for [profanity] killing my son,” Bates said in an interview to police after the incident.

It happened an early Friday morning in June on Jessica Allen Drive in South Louisville. Bates had a story that changed several times.

“I was basically tossing him to the [profanity] couch and he literally missed the [profanity] couch and landed on his [profanity] head on the other side,” Bates explained.

First, he said the baby fell off the couch, then he said he accidentally dropped the baby. Throughout the two-hour conversation with police, he eventually admitted that he tossed his son because the baby wouldn't stop crying.

“I was not trying to do it intentionally. I was not aiming for the floor. I was aiming for the couch.”

The baby's mother told police Bates lost his patience sometimes, but was never rough with the three-month-old. Co-workers interviewed by police, however, suggested otherwise, and said at one point, Bates talked openly about smothering the baby with a blanket.

“He would walk around saying ‘that baby [profanity] my life up,’ ya know, ‘I can't stand that baby, I hope that baby die,’” explained a co-worker we chose not to name.

That co-worker said he heard Bates say this a week before the baby was killed. The reality set in for Bates.

“I didn't mean to...,” he said emotionally. “I'm going to lose everything, and now my baby boy is gone,” Bates said to police.

Before that interview with police, things were more candid as Bates chatted with officers in the patrol car on the way to the station about his girlfriend, the baby's mother.

“She's going to go back to school for nursing and I hate to say it but I mean now would probably be a better time. We just lost our son, I hate to say that, but she's been wanting to go back to school.”

Bates is charged with murder. He said it was all an accident.

“That little guy that used to wake me up, that used to annoy me, I miss more than anything.”

Bates is being held on a $1,000,000 bond. Police are still investigating this case.