Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Last month at Columbia's Finlay Park, police say an 81-year-old John Bagley was punched in the face, all over 50 cents. He later died from his injuries.

Investigators have now upgraded the charges against 42-year-old Corey Todd, the suspect in the Bagley's killing, to murder.

The victim's son, Keith, says he feels peace to know justice is being served.

For Keith, his father was the best example of a man who dedicated his life to giving.

"He preached on his own when he could he went to prisons, he went to [The Department of Juvenile Justice], he went to Kershaw," explained Bagley.

He fed the homeless every weekend at Finlay Park in Columbia, he son recalls. “And he would just do anything he could for anybody, he was an awesome man,” Keith said with tears in his eyes.

That's why when he heard his father had been attacked over just 50 cents back on September 10, he was torn.

“He told me the next day that he had been jumped but he told me the guy had slight mental issues and he didn't want to press charges because he didn't think it was his fault,” he said.

Bagley explained that the suspect had his father 50 cents during the offerings the next week, right after he was done preaching. But he says Todd demanded that money back and Bagley explained he had already given it to the church.

After being assaulted, John Bagley didn’t tell his family anything because he didn’t want them to worry. But he started getting massive headaches from the injuries

“Behind my back while I was working, he was having somebody bring him meals every day because he didn't want to tell me how bad it was,” said Keith.

His family doctor ordered CT scans for John. They were scheduled for 4 o clock on September 16--the day he passed.

“He gave me strength when I didn't have it he gave me hope when I didn't think I had any… he was always there for me,” said Keith

Todd remains behind bars at the Richland County Detention Center.