ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WHAS11) -- Lights, sirens, a dash cam, and a spotlight--all things you'd find in a police car, but the Hardin County Sheriff's Office says the car sitting in their evidence locker was used by a man impersonating a police officer.

"He is not a volunteer fireman, he is not a special deputy, he is not a constable, he is not a security guard, why would you have a police vehicle? Why would you want a police vehicle?" Hardin County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy David Lee said.

Deputy Lee says 42-year-old Brian Palmersheim is charged with impersonating a police officer and improper use of red and blue lights.

"I can't tell you what his motivation was, I, my knowledge he had not issued any citations," said Deputy Lee, "I can't speak to his desire, his motivation. Did he want to be a policeman and didn't want to go through the process or whatever? I can't say. Our main concern was the safety for the public because you've got somebody out there impersonating a police officer, who knows where that can lead."

Since posting on their Facebook Page, the Hardin County Sheriff's office has heard from people who say they were pulled over by Palmersheim.

"A lot of times he used the lights to go around them, to get around them in traffic or he was stopping, evidently, at accident scenes and blocking traffic and things like that. Like he was one of us. We do know of one traffic stop that he made, but the individual is afraid to give a statement, afraid of retaliation from this individual," said Deputy Lee.

So we asked, what do you do if you get pulled over by an unmarked car?

"If someone stops you in plain clothes, blue jeans, a polo shirt, something like that and they are in an unmarked vehicle, you have the right to see their ID and their credentials," said Deputy Lee, "If you have some doubts or you think things might be funny or something don't seem right to you certainly call [911]."

If you have any other information on this case, or believe you may have been pulled over by Palmersheim you are asked to call the Hardin County Sheriff's Office at 270-765-5133.