LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For 90 weeks in a row Hip Hop Cares has met its goal helping the homeless in Kentuckiana but this week it nearly fell short.

"I always tell people I can't promise I'll get it but I promise I'll try,” Jeff Gills said.

When Gills started Hip Hop Cares 90 weeks ago, it was a one-man organization.

"It all kind of started with me just driving around the city, passing out my excess clothing, covers and stuff,” Gills said.

Not long after he and dozens of other volunteers were working together to collect donations during the week and pass them out every Sunday. The group met under the overpass at First and Broadway. Some weeks they would have nearly 500 people show up for new supplies.

"Homelessness is a very prevalent issue that we have in this city,” Gills said.

The group doesn't accept money, only donations from their wish list.

Gills said, "That is the backbone for what we do at this point. If we don't get donations in off of the wish list or otherwise, I mean we'll be out but it’s a matter of what we'll have to pass out."

He said this week they were worried.

“Usually by Monday or Tuesday we have some things that are wanted on our Amazon wish list- this week we had absolutely nothing,” Gills said.

Knowing he had hundreds relying on him for things like socks, deodorant and other basic necessities, he put out a plea on Facebook and then reminded himself that whether or not they get the items, they can still be there for their patrons.

"Hip Hop Cares is far beyond just passing stuff out. It’s about restoring faith in humanity and reminding people. You do have hope. You do have people who have your back,” Gills said.

Luckily, the donations flowed in and the organization will be able to give for yet another week.

Now, the hope is moving more people will think of them when they choose to donate in the future.

Find Hip Hop Cares’ Amazon Wishlist here.

Connect with the group here.