LOUISVILLE (WHAS) -- Two Cincinnati-based brands are teaming up for the third time to bring us more delicious ice cream. Graeter's Ice Cream and Braxton Brewing Company have collaborated previously, producing Black Raspberry Chocoloate Chip Milk Stout ice cream and Blueberry Pie Brown Ale ice cream.

Their newest flavor - Stout & Pretzels ice cream - was first debuted at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and will be available in Graeter's stores or online at the beginning of October.

The ice cream is influenced by Braxton Brewing Company's Dead Blow Tropical Stout, which uses 80 pounds of macerated dates and a Dry English yeast. Salty pretzels accentuate the smooth, light stout flavors.

“Having partnered with Braxton Brewing Co. on this year’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout as well as the Blueberry Pie Brown Ale, it’s exciting to be able to turn the tables and incorporate Dead Blow into a new ice cream creation,” shares Robert Graeter, 4th generation co-owner and Chief of Quality Assurance at Graeter’s Ice Cream. “As true craft brands, we are both passionate about and committed to preserving our authenticity in each new culinary adventure.”

The new flavor will be available for a limited time only.