LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - It just announced construction five months ago, but Google Fiber is officially up and running in the Derby City. Mayor Fischer and the company made that announcement at Portland's Neighborhood House Wednesday morning.

“We really think about Google Fiber as being fairer, faster, and kinder. We look at providing really fast internet speeds. There are no contracts. There are no data caps. We want to make sure you’re able to use the internet that we give you,” Google Fiber East Region Network Deployment and Operations Lead Ashley Kroh said.

Google Fiber is taking center stage in select spots around Louisville. Neighbors in Portland, Newburgh, or Strathmore are now eligible to sign-up for the service.

“We know that for our citizens to flourish here in Louisville, it’s mandatory that they have reasonably priced, ultra-high-speed internet to each and every home here in our city,” Mayor Fischer said. "It's so important that a city can send a message to each and every one of its citizens that you are included in the on ramp to the future.”

That started with the host of Wednesday's announcement, Portland's Neighborhood House.

"We're serving children, and if you're serving their families, it strengthens the child. If you're strengthening the family, you're strengthening the entire community,” Neighborhood House Executive Director Pam Rice said.

The company surprised the center by selecting it as the first free site for its community connection program.

"That's a sense of pride for our community. Sometimes you feel like you get negative press and that you're the last for everything. Now, we're the first,” Rice said.

Louisville is the 11th city to get Google Fiber. The company said this is the fastest it's ever rolled out the system and credits the community and its leaders for that.

"They've certainly been wonderful to work with. They've been a leader in innovation and ensuring that we really have a path forward to deploy more efficiently and less disruptively,” Kroh said.

The praise is mutual from the city’s side.

“We’re going to start in parts of the city that traditionally have not been first. It takes an extraordinary company to recognize putting that first over immediate profits first. Google Fiber really deserves a round of applause for that,” Fischer said.

The installer vans folks will start to see popping up more and more around Louisville were designed by a local artist. Google is asking for everyone’s patience, but said it’ll be worth the wait when customers to have to anymore.

Wondering when these installer vans- designed by a local artist by the way- will start showing up in your neighborhood?

"Building a brand new fiber optic network is a huge undertaking. We have to build thousands of miles of cable. So, right now, we're really focused on getting these first three neighborhoods live. We'll continue to build as quickly as possible,” Kroh said.

The fiber plans range from 50 to 70 dollars a month depending on the speed selected. To sign up, just click here to schedule an appointment.