In 2017, 107 people here in Louisville lost their lives to homicide. It was the awakening for local group "WOKE" to share a song written two decades ago in memory of a band member's older brother who was killed.

With the help of Louisville music producer Gill Holland, they put together this video.

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The song Gone Away was written in 1995 for murder victim Dion Crawford who is the older brother of WOKE group member James Crawford.

2017 brought about a lot of pain, pain that affected this city, our communities, and families.

As members of the local music community, they asked some questions. What is it that we can do to help bring a bit of healing to those affected by senseless acts of violence? What can we do that speaks to the pain of the people? How can we remember those taken and honor those left behind? They wanted to do it in a way that was much different than the norm. That’s when the video was birthed.

The group WOKE is made up of Lamont Connor, James Crawford, Dejuan Rainey and Darius Towns. They performed off and on for several years and decide to come back together to do music that provokes thought, music that causes one to take a strong look at themselves.



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The video was directed by Roman Lane