LOUISVILLE, Ky -- The tiny home craze is now hitting Kentuckiana.

As our area continues to go through a real estate boom a local developer has come up with a first of its kind idea towards housing in our area.

For those of you looking to downsize and remove some of the clutter from your home life, there's a unique opportunity coming down the tracks.

“This is the culmination of the Germantown Mill Lofts project,” said Jeffrey Underhill. It’s really not a piece of the original plan.”

Sitting among rows of shotgun homes is a colorful addition to the up and coming Germantown neighborhood.

“Rather than putting in a berm or heavy landscaping we thought what better tribute to the history here than to go ahead and put in cabooses,” said Underhill.

Originally built as sleeping cars for railmen who traveled from state to state Underhill has renovated them into at just 350 square feet of living space.

“They present a unique opportunity,” said Underhill. “Someone won’t need a great deal of furniture and you can move right into these, but they are fun.”

Equipped with an electric stove, standup shower, and full bathroom the sleeping area was moved to the upper loft to keep the original feel right down to the rails.

"The original wood floors are in these,” said Underhill. “I think a unique person can occupy a unique living space here.”

With a container home neighborhood slated for construction across the street, Underhill says this blast from the past could be the wave of the future in the Germantown revitalization.

“It’s moved toward more urbanization, and more coming back into the city neighborhoods,” said Underhill. “These cabooses are our contribution to that effort.”

If you are interested in moving into one of the caboose homes they are available today with a price tag of $975 a month.