LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Friends are grieving over the loss Robyn Franck Storr, who died in a late night boat crash on Monday.

She was on the water to watch the eclipse. Her close friend, Matt Coleman told WHAS11 News that she was an experienced boat captain.

"Robyn loved being on the water and she was a good captain. She was a female captain and there aren't that many of them," Coleman explained.

The crash happened between Limestone Marina and Captains Quarters. Coleman came back to the river to look at the scene of the wreck himself and is still filled with questions

"It just doesn't make sense. Nothing about it makes sense. She's an experienced captain, she's in an area that she knew a lot about. She's good. She's not a crazed person, she doesn't, she's not rowdy."

Police said Robyn was on board with a man. The boat smashed into a barge. The man was found semi-conscious and Robyn was already gone.

"Just like a loss of life that didn't need to go. She brought so much to this world and she's just gone, just like that."

Coleman said he and his dog Winston were there as they saw the boat come out of the water.

"Sure enough it was her boat that they were pulling out at the marina and it's just been very badly wrecked and in really bad shape."

Coleman said Robyn was a sweetheart, an outgoing woman and a mother of two.

"I'll miss her deeply myself and I think everyone on the river will too."

LMPD have confirmed they are considering the possibility that the crash was alcohol related.

For now, no one is facing charges.