LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Several in the area consider it to be a dangerous strip of road along Dixie Highway.

“It's very hard to see, very hard,” resident Antoinette Anderson said.

The block of 16600 on Dixie Highway, near Dixie Beach Road in the West Point area, is dark, narrow and a recipe for disaster.

“There's no kind of divider in between the lanes, ya know in between the four lanes, and people fly up and down that road,” resident Katherine Haynes said.

Tragedy struck when 42-year-old Steven Simpson, a tow truck driver, was hit and killed by an SUV while towing another vehicle.

WHAS 11 News talked with a close friend of his over the phone. He asked that we not use his name.

“I wasn't expecting something like that to happen to him, ya know. I expected something like that to happen to me I guess. I'm a little bit more rushed, this and that, he's a little bit more calm, complex, do it right, slow down,” his friend told WHAS11.

The police tape still on ground on Dixie Highway not far from West Point. Simpson's friend says he was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the wreck.

“I didn't know it was a fatality until I was leaving and I had seen the body,” he explained. “I couldn't even tell it was him. When I left, about two minutes later, I found out it was Steve who got hit so I turned back around.”

LMPD tells us Simpson did have the flashing lights going on his tow truck, but he had already raised the vehicle he was carrying onto the flatbed so that may have blocked the lights from being seen by other drivers.

“I know everybody is in a rush it seems like today, but it everybody could just calm down and slow down, and get away from any flashing lights, not just tow-truck drivers, but semi's, anybody broke down on the side of the road, cops,” Simpson’s friend said.

Neighbors who drive through this part of Dixie Highway agree something needs to be done about the stretch of road to make it safer for everyone.

“Even the shoulder is smaller than normal shoulders, so that don't help, but they need to put some lighting or something out there,” Haynes said.

As for the driver of the vehicle who struck Simpson, police say they are waiting on the results from the toxicology report before they consider pressing any charges.

There is a GoFundMe Account for Simpson: https://www.gofundme.com/2sntzuc