LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Floodwaters are still high in parts of Texas and Louisiana and officials say more than 50 people have died.

For Anissa Campbell, who used to call Louisville home, this has easily been one of the most trying weeks of her life.

After being rescued by the National Guard she's finally able to see what's left of her belongings. She normally takes the Beltway 8 to work but it is still submerged in 17-feet of water.

Campbell used to call the Newburg neighborhood home and sent us pictures of the aftermath.

She says flood waters covered the roof of her car, so when she finally got a chance to see it again Sunday night, there was nothing that could be salvaged.

Campbell says more than 100,000 cars are destroyed, including hers and adjusters are saying claims could top $1 billion.

But there are some particular items lost that came from her mother who passed away a few years ago that are completely irreplaceable.

“She had handwritten me some letters some cards and stuff like that when I was younger and I just like when I'm feeling down, I like to go back and see her handwriting and stuff because I can feel her that way and it had exploded in the back, so that was the moment where I really lost it because I'm just like – I want one letter from my mom.”

Campbell lost pretty much all of her clothes including her car and is looking for temporary shelter.

She's a former WHAS11 intern and is hoping you'll find it in your heart to give as she tries to get back on her feet.

Many of her personal items were stored in her car because she just bought a house and it was being built until Harvey came.

If you’re able to donate go here paypal.me/AnissaCampbell and you can contact Anissa Campbell at anissashantele@gmail.com.