LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Louis Peters was the driver in the video showing a JCPS bus pushing a car with three people inside on Aug. 21, that bus police say had 40 students on board.

WHAS11 News is taking a closer look at the driver's personnel file, while Peters' former Union President is still defending him, saying Peters is a good driver who was facing issues so many drivers deal with daily.

"He was a good driver, he cared about his kids, he came to work every day and it was just one of those and I bet he'd tell you the same thing if he was on the news, can't tell you what happened, it was one of those freaky things that happened,” John Stovall, President of Teamsters Local 783, said.

Through the investigation, WHAS11 News learned that Peters was been contacted by the district for his driving record.

In a letter sent in Dec. 2016, it shows that he was involved in eight accidents or incidents and if he was involved in anymore, it would result in his termination.

Stovall says that number is misleading.

"He only had four chargeable accidents so what that means is those were actually his fault if you call it his fault. But what you have to take into consideration is some of these accidents are – you knock a mirror off while going down Wolfpen Road, or you back up and bend a bumper because you hit one of those concrete things that you can't see, a lot of those are minor accidents. If you get a scratched or a cracked window," he said.

Stovall tells us all drivers go through a 10-day training program learning both district and state laws, he adds, "They have to pass CDL licensing as well. So they have to train them on all the student issues, the traffic stops, unloading and loading the students, pulling into apartments and the different traffic patterns you have to watch for."

LMPD's accident report says Peters was going faster than the 5 miles per hour at the Meadows Apartment Homes off Taylorsville Road and Hurstbourne Lane when the accident happened.

Stovall says this was Peter's most significant instance stating, "Everybody assumes it so easy...you know they go through there and how can they have an accident? Well, you've got 40 to 70 kids on that bus, you're driving and looking up in your mirrors and if somebody pulls out, especially if it’s a small car you can't see over the top of that bus sometimes. Unfortunately, this time it happened but thankfully nobody was hurt."

Peters resigned Aug. 25 of this year, JCPS buses transport around 70,000 students a day.

The district says, "This incident was a blatant disregard for safety and Peters is no longer with the district."