LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A little over a month ago Flying Axes, a venue where you can throw axes at wooden targets, opened in NuLu.

Since then, the venue has seen steady crowds and competitive league play is being added to the menu.

Chief Operations Officer Michael Brown says the league play is a great way for people to learn the sport and be social.

“It’s sort of a mix, our leagues are designed to be social as well so you probably have this, have half-and-half downtime to actually playing time, so, between matches you hang out with people, meet new people, friends, get drinks, that sort of thing.”

There is a team element to league play, but everyone is scored on an individual basis. Players will play about four head-to-head matches each night, and players will end up playing everyone else in the league at least once by season’s end.

If you’re interested in playing but worried about your ability level, Brown says not to worry. While the games can get competitive, the sport is easily accessible to all skill levels.

“It doesn’t require a great deal of athleticism or great deal of strength. My 67-year-old mother is pretty good at it, you know, not exactly an athlete, right, and that’s one of the things we love about it, the equalizing feeling. ‘Cause we’ll have, you never know, we have some big guys who are good but it’s not uncommon at all to have a 5’2” woman beat an entire team full of ex-jocks, you know.”

Flying Axes is located at 146 North Clay Street in Butchertown, and if you’re interested in joining the league there are ten spots left. For more information and to sign up head to flyingaxes.com.