LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – At this point, the public is now seeing images coming out of Florida showing the devastation left behind by Hurricane Irma.

The storm, now downgraded to a tropical storm, forced thousands from their homes.

One of those families, The Beadles, ended up in Louisville.

They were originally from Louisville but moved to Tampa two years ago and when Irma was making its way to the Sunshine State, they made their way back home to stay with family while the storm rolled through.

Jenny Beadle says the decision to leave was a tough one.

“It was really hard. It’s a beautiful home and we spent a lot of time fixing it up and decorating. It’s our little beach house. It was hard but it was that or the potential to lose me and the dog. So I was like, well, we would probably just lose the house. So I put everything that I thought was important into the Jeep and drove away,” she said.

The Beadles say they have talked to their neighbors and say the house doesn't look like it suffered too much damage from the outside.

The Beadles plan to get on the road and start the 12 plus hour drive back to Tampa Tuesday morning.