LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - She's the first voice you'll hear if you call Mayor Fischer's office, and hers is certainly a sweet one. In this week's edition of our Five Questions series, we introduce you to a social worker turned social butterfly comforting the city.

Metro Hall can be a busy place, with the phones often ringing off the hook. Luckily, the voice on the other end of the line can bring calm to any kind of chaos. It belongs to Marcia Mays, also known as the receptionist rock star.

"You've got to listen to the person, identify the problem, or identify the topic, and send it to the proper place. This is not hold on, I'll transfer you, kind of work,” Marcia said. “Do people know the mayor gets 1,000 requests to be some place every month? The phone rings constantly. UPS is coming in. So, it’s kind of like directing traffic. Please wait, I’m getting here, I’ll have to put you on hold, I need to sign. So, it goes between ministry and traffic direction if that makes sense. I have met some of the most interesting people that come in to see the mayor. I love meeting the people, and I genuinely like the people I work with. They’re always polite. They’re always professional. It’s just been a pleasure to work in an office where people are professional, polite, and they like what they do. It makes it easier for me.”

From tall grass gripes to wrong number notifications, Marcia gets a daily dose of just about everything.

"I've never been one to watch reality shows on television, but once in a while, I feel like I'm in a reality show,” Marcia said. “I think now I’ve learned not to hurry and kind of step back. I used to want to just hit the button, answer every call, zoom, zoom, zoom. If you keep putting them on hold, they’re angry, and you’re frustrated. So, just kind of step back and take each call. I want to be somebody that you feel like you could confide in, or you can approach. It’s humbling, and it reminds you to do better. We’re human. We all have days. Things don’t really go as you planned, or as you wanted, but you realize people call here and you want to have a positive impact.”

Marcia is all about serving the people, a mentality she's maintained from the start, even giving up her original moniker for a more manageable one.

"It's actually supposed to be Marcia, but my family decided because I'm from Princeton, Kentucky, that no one would say Marcia. So, it's Marcia. So, I have many names. Some people call me Marcia. Some people call me Marcia. I answer to many. It's okay. It's all worth it,” Marcia said.

She can stamp, stick and staple any sour situation back together, making even the darkest days a little brighter is something she'd also do as an animal.

"I would be a peacock. I love the fan. I love the colors. I love everything about it,” Marcia said.

She may love purple, green, and everything in between, but Marcia would focus on one color in particular if she picked up a different dream job.

"I would go back to school. I would be an esthetician, and I would learn how to take care of your skin. I would promote people with white hair. Wonder why? I would like to know how to promote aging products and how that would work,” Marcia said.

Marcia embraces each and every year, but has a decade she'd do again if given the chance.

"Oh, I thought my 30s were the most fun. The 30s are fun, people! Nothing hurts. Your back, your knees, everything works. You have a little more energy. I just think everybody looks and feels their best in their 30s,” Marcia said.

Those days may be behind her, but Marcia recommends getting a head start on each one to make the most of yours.

"Don't sleep in. Start the day early. Get the bed made. Get out the door, and look at your tasks. If you start out in control, your day will be much better than if you throw it together,” Marcia said.


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