LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)-- For barista Erica Brown, a coffee shop is more than just a place to clock in and clock out every day.

“There’s something magical about it that draws people together so they can have that social moment,” Erica said.

The beans have never sounded more beautiful, right? It’s even funnier to think about when you realize coffee wasn’t always a major part of Erica’s life.

“So, I never drank coffee until the day I graduated from college, which is crazy to think about now. It was never in our house growing up. So, I was always like that’s expensive, I don’t need to buy that. I don’t need that, but I always went to coffee shops with my friends. It was just a time to be social. Even though I wasn’t drinking coffee, it was just a really nice time to have with people,” Erica said.

For the last five years, Erica has been brewing up all the goodness VINT has to offer, but coffee is far from her only career. On her lengthy resume, you’ll also find yoga teacher, massage therapist, and doula, or someone who helps a mother during and after her baby is born.

“Many hats, yes,” Erica said. “I do a little bit of everything, which is fun. It keeps it fresh.”

If Erica could do anything, she’d combine all of those passions into one.

“Ultimately, I would like to start my own business, like a wellness center, where I can teach yoga, do massage therapy, but then also take my own doula clients,” Erica said.

Erica isn’t looking for her next job to be Commander-in-Chief, but she would require everyone to kick up their kindness if she became president.

“I just think that if people were nicer to each other, that it would clear up a lot of things. Just being more understanding, more compassionate,” Erica said. “Mainly, I just want people to be nice to each other. That’s what I want.”

After that, she’d probably institute some new rules about trash.

“If people could pay more attention to that and to not litter and to do their part by helping keep the earth clean, that would make me happy,” Brown said.

History holds a special place in this “Jill of All Trades” heart. If she could live through any moment past, present, or future, she’d chose this.

“When women received the right to vote,” Erica said. “I remember reading about that time. Sometime in elementary school, my sister gave me a book and the title of the book was ‘They Led The Way.’ It was about 14 women in that time period that did something amazing to be remembered. So, that time period has always stuck with me. I know that it was obviously a very difficult time, but just to live through that moment when they knew that they had that right, I’m sure that was amazing.”

She’s originally from Louisville, but called Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii all home sweet home at one point. With all of those miles traveled, what are her words to live by?

“Try as much as you can, see as much as you can, take care of yourself, nurture yourself, do yoga, yes, that’s a very important one,” Erica said. “Every day can be an adventure if you choose it to be that way.”

Erica said her parents also taught her some very important lessons.

“My dad, when I was younger, he told us if you’re ever dropping somebody off at home, you always wait until they get in the house or get in their car. Whenever you’re splitting something, you always give the other person the bigger half. I mean, things like that have stuck with me,” Erica said. “My mom, her biggest thing was you always treat others exactly the way you want to be treated. So, I think those things have shaped who I am. So, I don’t know if those can really be considered advice, but just really how to be a decent human being.”

Erica lives each day to the fullest, but at the end of it all, how would she want to be remembered?

“Something probably like that Erica, she’s tried everything at least once. Something like that,” Erica said.

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