LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Sunday marked the start of Daylight Saving Time and the Jeffersonville Fire Department is asking those who change their clocks to also check their smoke detectors.

Working smoke detectors save lives and it only takes a few seconds to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Public Information Officer Justin Ames says three deaths as a result of a house fire last year may have been prevented if they had a properly working fire alarm.

Ames says hold the button for three to four seconds and if it makes three loud beeps, the alarm is in good shape. If it does not, it’s probably time to get new batteries.

“So with a normal smoke detector, you would have to change the battery two times a year. We recommend this every time that you have to change the time. It’s a friendly reminder and it’s a good time to check your smoke detector batteries,” Ames said. “You can also purchase a 10-year smoke detector. A smoke detector that has a ten-year lifespan, you don’t have to change the batteries at all, you just simply change the whole unit after ten years of use.”

Jeffersonville Fire Department said the chances of surviving a fire are double when there’s a working smoke detector in the home.