LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- From the west...

“You would not want this company in your neighborhood,” a resident said.

To the east...

“Everyone who lives in Jefferson County is subject to this same kind of adverse effect,” a resident said.
And everywhere in between.

“I've buried three of my closest friends in three weeks from the age of 33 to the age of 74 because of rare carcinomas and cancers,” a resident said.

All the residents who spoke at this meeting agreed that continuing to let a Rubbertown company release more toxins into the air than they're allowed to is wrong.

“That's what we're here for today...what is a human life worth?” A resident said.

American Synthetic Rubber Company has applied to modify their guidelines when it comes to the toxins they emit into the air.
“I have no further comment. Thank you,” said Dennis Conniff, an American Synthetic Rubber representative.

A representative of the company didn't say much but they did release a statement. They say in part they are optimistic that the district's decision will be in their favor.
They say they have reduced the amount of toxins they emit over the years but they cannot reach their current goal and could face fines.

“In no way in any of the information that's been shared by you guys or American Synthetic will this decision be in the best interest of any of the citizens or residents of the city of Louisville,” a resident said.

The Air Pollution Control District is still reviewing the company's application and this was the third and final time the public had its opportunity to speak up.

“I ask you...why? How could you possibly ever agree to change the standards?” A resident asked.
Those from the Air Pollution Control District say they hope to make their decision by August.