ID=23895085LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – For some Fern Creek residents, having their mail delivered has become a cause for celebration.

"We got mail and we got a pile of mail it's like a stop when you're on vacation," Fern Creek resident Robert Duggan said.

For a little over a week following the President's Day snowstorm, Fern Creek residents Robert Burkhead and Robert Duggan only received their mail once before Tuesday.

"It's frustrating because I like to pay my bills on time," Burkhead said. "Wheres it at if you aren't getting it. Wheres it being stored at or who's holding it, whose keeping it, it makes you wonder whats going on."

"I can't say in 40 something years one time maybe I didn't get mail because of weather, but I always got mail, I've never seen anything like this before," Duggan said.

The Post Office told them and WHAS11 that weather was to blame for the missed deliveries. These residents are confused by that reasoning since many streets are now virtually clear, but USPS spokesperson David Walton says it's not just a matter of clear streets, but clear mailboxes.

"I have seen pictures as well it looks like streets are clear, but folks should look at their mail receptacles especially the ones on the street. If plows have come through the chances are its pushed the snow and ice up against the mail receptacle and we have no way of reaching that. So it really helps carriers if the mail boxes on the street if they can shovel at least 6 feet in all directions around that receptacle so we can pull in, put the mail right in the box," Walton said.

Walton says weather delays have been a problem all over the city not just in Fern Creek. He says last week a number of carriers have been injured mostly from slips and falls on ice. Walton says they have pulled in extra carriers to help deliver the backlog of mail in Fern Creek.

Another problem for some residents: the number they were told to call at the post office was busy and not accepting calls, leading to even more frustration. Walton says mail delivery should now be back to normal, but if you are still having problems call them at 1-800-ASK -USPS.