LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It's a popular fast food restaurant for many, but for one Louisville worker, it was a nightmare.

“It started with comments such as, 'I know you're gay, let me make you straight,'” the worker said.

This Louisville woman has asked us to conceal her identity. She is just one of 14 other women who say they were sexually harassed while working at Indi's restaurants on Broadway, Cane Run Road, Fern Valley Road and Poplar Level Road.

“It just kept happening and I said you know what I'm going to take this down to the EEOC filed a complaint with those guys. I took a couple more females with me who were there longer than me. Come to find out they were getting done ten times worse than I was,” she said.

The 15 women made a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the EEOC. After about three years of legal battles, the 15 women won their case. The ruling says Indi's will now have to pay the victims $340,000, write apology letters to each woman and post an anti-discrimination notice at all workplaces.

“The money wasn't enough to go through the things I had to go through but I'm glad that it's all over and that he got his punishment as well,” she said.

Indi's will now have to implement new policies and conduct extensive training for employees and management, a change that this former employee hopes will help women of the future.

“I'm very proud because I stand up for not just myself but for those other women too because if it wasn't for me to bring the case forward then this would still be going on in these companies so I'm very glad that it ended like it ended,” she said.

WHAS11 tried to get in contact with the owners and managers of Indi's for a statement but we were unsuccessful. Indi's will now have to report compliance to the EEOC regularly for the next five years.