LOUISVILLE Fifteen by 7 feet, it’s a small victory for pro-choice groups.

“Just trying to create a little space at the entrance so women can access their medical care,” said Carol Savkovich, with Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

A federal judge signed a temporary order that creates a buffer zone at the entrance of the EMW Women's Surgical Center ahead of what is expected to be a week full of protests.

“There's nothing in the order that we see that's going to restrict us from anything that we planned to do,” said Chet Gallagher, with Operation Save America.

The anti-abortion group Operation Save America will be in town this week. A number of their members are listed as defendants on the order. Back in May, they were arrested for blocking the door of the clinic. The group says those members won't be at the protests but other members who aren't listed in the order may go into the buffer zone.

“We will not tolerate the public side walk being taken away. Our First Amendment right, if it applies anywhere...it applies on the sidewalk,” said Joseph Spurgeon, with Operation Save America.

But other pro-life groups say there are laws for a reason and hope the group is respectful.

“We don't need any federal intervening, we just need to keep these people away. And if they really care, they need to think about their approach,” said Laura Grijalba, 40 Days for Life.
There is another hearing on Monday. The judge will decide whether to make this buffer zone a permanent change.