LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Dean Walker blows his whistle to start the recreational field hockey game at Warwick Park. He’s been officiating for years, but Tuesday night, it was a little more special.

“The tribute to her is to continue to do what we both loved to do, and that's what I do out here when I'm reffing,” Walker said.

He’s talking about his 20-year-old daughter, Savannah, who was killed 6 months ago Tuesday. Walker told WHAS 11 News officiating is his way of keeping his daughter close.

“Over the last few years, we had the ability to go out and officiate lacrosse together which was really a special thing.”

Savannah was a student at UofL, and her father said she loved to play field hockey and lacrosse.

She was shot and killed during a rap concert in March at the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in the Portland neighborhood.

It happened in a room full of people. Police said an unknown gunman opened fire, killing Walker and injuring others. Hundreds were there that night, but no one has been arrested.

“There's dozens of people that know what happened that night, dozens of people that know, and just one stepping forward would make a big difference,” Walker said.

Her father believes fear is the reason that no one has come forward with critical information.

“These things about the fact that it's just uncool to tell the police what happened, well, what's uncool is when your friend, your sister, your brother, your mother, your friends die because of the fact that you let these people keep everybody else in fear.”

The gallery opened its doors again shortly after the shooting, hoping to help the community heal. A memorial was created outside.

You can call 574-LMPD to leave an anonymous tip to potentially help lead to an arrest.