LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Pictures of Savannah hang on the walls of Dean Walker's home, smiling down upon those passing by the foyer.

"She was a sunflower," Dean, Savannah's father, said. "She was out there. She smiled, she brought everybody a smile. She never took a bad picture."

These photos now serve as memories of a daughter, teammate and friend taken too soon.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare," Walker said.

Savannah was killed in a shooting early Sunday morning at the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in the Portland neighborhood. Savannah and two of her friends joined hundreds of others there for a concert, when according to LMPD, an unknown gunman opened fire.

"I walked up and down the street and walked and waited and just hoped for the best, but it gets to a point where I unfortunately knew," Walker said.

According to Walker, Savannah's death comes just 30 days after his wife, Savannah's mother, died of pancreatic cancer."

"I wasn't over my wife's death yet. We were just still working through that," he said, "In the last 30 days, we were together almost all the time."

Walker said he and his daughter, a student at the University of Louisville and a graduate of Ballard High School, had even made plans for Sunday afternoon.

"We were talking about where we were going to watch the UofL game today," he said. "That was at 10:30 last night."

According to Walker, Savannah told him she would call him when she woke up the next morning, planning on sleeping in after the concert. Instead of her call, he received a call from her two friends who attended the concert with him.

LMPD said the shooting happened around 1:20 a.m. with gunfire hitting six people, one of whom was Savannah.

"She heard the shot and pushed the people around her down," Walker said. "Savannah always looked out for people who were around her."

Walker said he has stopped focusing on trying to find out why this tragedy happened, instead directing his attention to what happened. LMPD is still searching for a suspect and Walker is pleading for those with information to come forward so he can find justice for his daughter.

"Every time your kid leaves the house, you worry," he said. "We need your help."

LMPD said the other five people who were injured were taken to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment. All are expected to survive.

LMPD is looking to speak with anyone who was at the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery at the time of the shooting. Police are also asking anyone who has videos or photos or have seen anything related to the shooting on social media to come forward.

Police can be reached on their hotline at 574-LMPD.