LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- University of Louisville students are reacting to the NCAA's release of their allegations in the U of L Men's Basketball team investigation.

"Regarding the investigation, I don't personally think Pitino knew anything about if anything happened, I don't think he knew," said Dominique Small, U of L student.

"I guess everything reflects back on the head coach, you know," said U of L student Paul White. "I'm sure he probably didn't know, I mean you can't watch your players 24/7. I mean they are grown men."

Cards fans across the area also weighed in, calling and texting their reactions and questions to ESPN Louisville.

“This texter says, 'What's going on? I've been listening to the program, and I feel like I didn't get any meaningful answers today.' This is from Matt, says, 'I am a Louisville fan, but why have this press conference if you can't comment on anything,'” said Host Bob Valvano, reading a text message.

Valvano also talked with college basketball analyst Jay Bilas.

“I think it's kind of unreasonable to expect that every coach is supposed to patrol the dorms nightly or randomly to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen,” said Bilas.

Fans seem to have lot of questions left, wondering what this could mean for a penalty for Coach Pitino and the program.