LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Upset and out of money, Fandomfest goers are saying enough is enough. Big changes announced over the last few days have fans calling it "scamfest" and accusing the event organizers of knowingly ripping them off.

Dozens of celebrities are advertised on the website but only 18 are actually going to the convention. As of Wednesday afternoon, 23 had canceled.

"By far this is the worst that I've ever seen it,” Kennie Combs Jr, a fan, said.

Combs went to Fandomfest for several years but said after being disappointed with the lineup too many times, he stopped going.

"They told me that I couldn't get a refund and I could only switch it to another celebrity but it’s like well if there's not another celebrity that I want to meet then what’s the point?" he said.

Fandomfest promoters said the cancellations are normal. Myra Daniels, one of the co-owners said the celebrity's' lives can be unpredictable and while they hope everyone will make it, sometimes that’s not realistic.

But their fans’ explanation is a simple one. They call it a scam.

"They like to prey on the people who are really passionate about things, and I'm tired of seeing them do this to people. I really am,” a former employee said.

One man told WHAS11 he used to work for the convention promoter. He didn't want us to show his face said he quit because of the way his former boss did business.

"He ignored the complaints, he does nothing about them, and he knows they'll come back. And that’s frankly why I'm here right now,” the former employee said.

This year, more than half of the convention's celebrities have cancelled, including headliner Weird Al Yankovic.

The list of cancellations is posted on their website and said many are for "personal reasons.”

But Charlie Adler, who was initially on the list, tweeted, "I didn't exactly cancel. They did not ever confirm travel and/or accommodations with two deadlines accepted to do so. It was all on them."

When talking to convention promoters, they point to their website and their refund policy. It clearly states tickets are "non-refundable,” there are "no refunds,” and "no exceptions."

It’s something Combs was nervous about and the reason he didn't buy tickets this year.

"I myself learned to stop dealing with them years ago, and that’s why I stopped going but this year I was going to try and give it another chance because I was starting to see some people that I wanted to meet. But then they cancelled and luckily, I wasn't out any money, “he said.

Unfortunately, hundreds of people are of money, and have shown their disappointment on social media, calling it "scamfest" and "abandonfest.”

Daniels said she doesn’t think anyone else will cancel before this weekend, and is hopeful she will be able to add a celebrity. But fans say they aren’t holding their breath.