JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For most, a cemetery is a place of peace, a space to remember and honor those gone before, but for one Jeffersontown family, the Jeffersontown Cemetery has lately caused them more grief than solace.

"We've been on a rollercoaster of anger at the injustice of how could someone disregard our family member so much," Lana Moore, the sister of Doris Murphy, who was supposed to have been buried at the cemetery in July.

When Murphy died over the summer, her loved ones were prepared to bury her next to her parents at Jeffersontown Cemetery, where around 40 other family members have also been laid to rest. But while family were in the funeral home the day Murphy was to be interred, they received the news that someone else was buried in her plot.

"A lot of anger," Mike Desurne, Murphy's son, said. "A lot of us at the funeral home really had no chance to properly mourn my mother's passing."

"We have not grieved for our sister yet," Murphy's brother Charles Murphy said. "I can hardly walk over to that grave now."

Murphy's family said the cemetery did offer to temporarily place her in a different part of the cemetery, but the family declined, saying they were worried the cemetery would not uphold its promise to move her back to her original plot. The family is now filing a lawsuit against Jeffersontown Cemetery for selling Murphy's plot, which was bought by her father 44 years earlier.

"I have no complaints or grievances with the other family. They bought the property, the plot, in good faith," Desurne said. "They are as much a victim as we are."

"You got to get an attorney to have someone buried for their final, eternal resting place in a cemetery next to Mom and Dad," Teddy Gordon, the family's attorney, said. "I've never heard of such a thing."

"It's just an injustice that needs to be simply corrected," Charles Murphy said. "As a family, I think that's all we're asking."

Now the family said they'd like to see the cemetery do the right thing, which according to them is to give Murphy her plot back so she and her loved ones still grieving can finally have some peace.

WHAS11 has attempted to contact Jeffersontown Cemetery's board of trustees and have left a voicemail. We have not received a response at this time.