LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The family of a World War II veteran received a little bit of their father and a lot of history Sunday.

During the war, U.S. soldier George Cobb and other officers were staying in an old farmhouse in Belgium.

Shortly before the Battle of the Bulge, the soldiers had to suddenly leave and Cobb’s pictures and other belongings were left behind.

Years later, a grandchild of the people who owned that farmhouse found the items and made it his mission to return them to Cobb’s family in Louisville. It gave them a special look into his past.

“Dad was shot and captured during the Battle of the Bulge and he was a P.O.W. for 6 months. As I said, when he got home, he never really talked about it. He wasn’t really active in any other military. He did join the National Guard but he kept most of that to himself,” a family member said.

The young man who found Cobb’s items says it originally had chocolate bars in it but he ate them when he was a kid.

To make up for it, he had a friend of his, who owns a candy company in Belgium, reproduce those candy bars for the family.

They also made special labels with Cobb’s pictures and names on them.