LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- “My son's supposed to be on that school bus. Not laying in some dirt and gravel or a casket,” said Miceshia Norment, Dequante Hobbs’ mother.

On the day when seven-year-old Dequante Hobbs Jr. should've gotten on the school bus for his first day of second grade, his mother received the news she had been waiting for.

“My heart just dropped, and then I glanced over at my son's picture and he's just smiling,” she said.

Louisville Metro Police detectives came to Norment's house to tell her they arrested 23-year-old Wyatt Williams. Police say he was outside playing a game of dice next door when he fired a gun toward the other people in the game. The stray bullet went through Dequante's kitchen window and hit the boy as he sat at the kitchen table eating a piece of cake.

“At the end of the day, it still won't bring my son back,” Norment said.

Just two days after Dequante was shot by a stray bullet, police arrested Williams with suspicions that he was involved in Hobbs’ death. Charged with trafficking drugs and carrying a handgun, Williams was released on house arrest and remained there. Three months later, police finally gathered enough information to charge him with murder.

“The community has rallied behind Dequante, rallied behind his family, providing us with leads and tips,” said Lt. Emily McKinley, LMPD.

A memorial still sits on the front porch of the home where Little DQ was killed. The stuffed animals have faded and the candles have melted but it’s his memory that keeps his mother going.

“I can't walk around with my head down because my son never saw me walk around with my head down. So, I'm going to keep it up,” Norment said.

Williams will go before a judge Thursday morning. WHAS11 also looked into his criminal history. He's facing a number of drug charges and a 4th-degree assault charge as well.