LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) -- Behind a black fence in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn in downtown Louisville is where Stephon Harris breathed his last, found shot to death last July. One year later, family and friends returned to the same spot to remember Harris, whom they lovingly called "Man."

"His dad said, 'Don't he look like a little man?' I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'That's what I'm going to call him. I'm going to call him Man,'" Harris's aunt, Betty Ramos, said.

Ramos and other family remember Harris as a family man who was always looking out for his siblings and his five children.

"He wanted his brothers and sisters to be together and know each other," Ramos said. "He was just that kind of sweet person."

Three hundred and sixty-five days after his death, no one has been held responsible for his murder, which is one of the 48 unsolved homicides investigated by LMPD in 2016. But Harris is more than just a number, according to Ramos - he's a man deserving of justice.

"He was a real life person," she said. "He was human, a human with a heart. And that's what we want for him."

With family joined together, Sunday afternoon was marked with hugs and tears as they remembered their loved one.

"I love you, Man. We love Man and he's in our heart every day," Charlene Powell, a family friend, said. "He's never forgotten."

"He's up there looking down on us, that your family is here, your children are here, your mother, your sisters, your uncles, we want him to know," Ramos said.

"He's always in my heart," Larontay Lester, Harris's son, said.

The family is asking anyone with information related to Harris's murder to contact police through the anonymous tip line: 574-LMPD.