LOUISVILLE (WHAS) -- Rodrick Grinstead was beloved by his large Louisville family, but it was his toddler son who stole his heart. A week ago, his family says they were robbed of more cherished time with him after Grinstead was hit while walking across busy Dixie Highway.

"I remember thinking, if they are not putting him in an ambulance, and if they are working on him right there, he isn't going to make it," said William Brown, Grinstead's cousin.

Brown drove past the commotion before realizing it was Grinstead paramedics were trying to revive. Grinstead, who is a father of a three-year-old, died at University Hospital. "Accidents happen. That's something that's mostly unavoidable, but to leave somebody out there like that, that can't be tolerated," Brown said.

Shively police say Judy Lucas-Caldwell was driving the car that hit Brown. She did not stop. Lucas-Caldwell turned herself in a day after police found her car. She's facing a felony charge for leaving the scene of the crash, but Brown says that's not enough.

"Yes, she's caught but we still have no closure. We have no closure. Because why not pull over? Why not help him?" Brown asked.

Right now, Brown isn't ready to forgive. He wants Lucas-Caldwell to know her alleged actions have consequences and this time it took the life of his cousin.

"We were never looking at the fact that she maliciously ran him over. We feel it was an accident. But, to leave him out there. To not check that he was okay. Give the family that," Brown said.

Grinstead's family set up a GoFundMe page, to help with funeral costs.