Surveillance video taken the morning of July 16th appears to show the final moments before a crash that killed 18-year-old Isaiah Basham and his 16-year-old girlfriend Alexis Gray on Herr Lane near Westport Village.

It's video Basham's family says shows police pursuing him about two seconds behind. Reliving the incident is still hard for Basham's sister Glennisha Swift. Police said they were following Basham after seeing him drive erratically near Ballard High School.

Their lights were on, but their siren was not. Police said they were not pursuing Basham, but Swift says the video speaks for itself.

"I don't get how they can say that and there's more people that actually said they saw it," Swift said.

Swift says police never interviewed her - or her friend - even though they were behind Basham when police sped past her. The police report lists one witness, even though Swift and her friend were nearby. Swift tried to save Basham, but couldn't get to him. She's now planning a memorial at the spot where he brother died.

"Something that he would want, something she would want," she told WHAS11.

That tree is no longer standing. A spokesperson for Westport Village says the tree was a safety hazard and had to come down, but Swift is not letting an empty hole in the ground leave a hole in her heart.