LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Stuart Timmonds jumped out of his truck with his hands up. Police already knew him well. With their guns drawn, several officers tackled him to the ground. The family says it was more than that.

“The beating he got was really uncalled for,” said Charles Mitchell, Timmonds’ stepson.

Timmonds led police through the west end eventually got on the Watterson. Police then tried to cut him off. He quickly exited the highway, going over a grassy median onto Southern Parkway. He then crashed into two cars in the intersection.

“I never thought he had it in him to do anything like that. He usually is a good guy but drugs get to people,” Mitchell said.

Charles Mitchell’s mother dated Timmonds for more than a decade before she passed away. He says the two have a son together. Even though he's made mistakes in his life, Mitchell says police treated Timmonds poorly.

“I really don't think he deserved to be beat like that. I can understand maybe a couple of punches but not 20 to 30 cops beating on him, pounding on him, kicking him. It's uncalled for,” he said.

A police report from the incident details the moments after Timmonds stepped out of the car. It says Timmonds resisted officers and tried to crawl under a car. It continues saying he disobeyed verbal command to stop resisting and the officers tased him. A scene that Mitchell says was hard to watch.

“I've known him well over 10, 12 years he's usually a good guy. He'll help anybody. It's really hard to comprehend,” Mitchell said.

WHAS11 did ask for comment from LMPD but they say they this is an ongoing investigation. Timmonds is expected in court tomorrow.