LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A family is furious over the potential rehiring of an officer acquitted of murder.

Former Louisville Metro Police officer McKenzie Mattingly was charged with Newby's murder in 2004 and was found not guilty.

“My initial reaction was shock that he would have the audacity to come back to this town after he destroyed a family,” said Jerry Bouggess.

Bouggess is the stepfather of Michael Newby, 19, who was shot and killed by Mattingly during an undercover drug operation.

Mattingly would eventually resign after the trial but has now applied to be an officer with the department again.

“There was a lot of people that were totally against how the whole justice system let him go anyway, and it would just make a big uproar again and tear the community up in pieces,” said Bouggess.

It would be a familiar scene. Shortly after Newby’s death, crowds of people showed up at LMPD headquarters breaking the windows.

LMPD confirms McKenzie Mattingly has applied to be an officer with the department once again, but no decisions have been made about his employment. WHAS 11 News asked FOP president Dave Mutchler what he thought about the application.

“I don't think I'll comment on that. He was a member here for a long time,” explained Mutchler.

The Newby family is sending a letter to the mayor and police chief, saying in part, “Policing & community trust are at its lowest in the city of Louisville right now, and the rehiring of Mattingly would only make these matters worse!"

“Please don't let this guy back on here and disrupt our community again,” pleads Bouggess.

Mattingly most recently worked with Bardstown's police department but stepped down in June.

Mutchler explained there's no 'set timeline' for new hires or re-hires, but there is a review panel that would have to make the decision on Mattingly, whether or not he'd be allowed back on the police force.

Here is a look at the complete letter being sent to the Mayor, Police Chief and Metro Council:

To: Mayor Fisher, Police Chief Conrad, & City Council Members

From: The Newby & Mitchell Families

Date: August 2, 2017

This Statement is in regards to the re-employment of McKenzie Mattingly to the Louisville Police Department. Due to Mattingly’s previous actions & his prior history, we feel that it would be a detriment to society & our entire community to rehire him! Mattingly shot our relative, Michael Newby in his “Back” while Michael ran from him… and not towards him! Therefore, Michael was not a threat to officer Mattingly!

It is imperative for officers to use sound judgement and due diligence when determining whether or not to use deadly force. Our entire community should hold its law enforcement officers to a high ethical standard! And our officers should adhere to these standards and always act in the interest of SAFEGUARDING lives and not act in such a MUDEROUS ONE!

We believe that most police officers are truly good, hardworking and dedicated people who do the right thing while serving and protecting our communities. But, it is a few BAD cops who spoil the reputation of them all! And, Mattingly is one of those BAD cops! Rehiring Mattingly would be very divisive for the city of Louisville, especially when all of us are working very hard to bring our city together on one accord! Policing & community trust are at its lowest in the city of Louisville right now, and the rehiring of Mattingly would only make these matters worse!

Just as important, we are also afraid & fearful that Mattingly will shoot another young black boy in his Back without any regard for human life! My family has suffered a lot by losing Michael, please don’t put another family at risk by rehiring Mattingly & putting him back on our streets to kill again!

On behalf of our beloved deceased, Angela Newby Bouggess, thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter!