LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Thousands of drivers and neighbors in Fairdale are dodging major construction as the $5 million Fairdale roundabout is expected to be finished in August of next year.

Some business owners and neighbors say they are suffering major losses in the process.

The construction project team says the roundabout will improve traffic flow, safety and the appearance of the center of Fairdale. Almost a month ago, close to 10 utility poles have been installed and that has many beyond upset, like Dr. Mosen Khani, Owner of Natural Health Center on west Manslick Road, just feet from the construction.

“Not just getting in and out but the hazard that this structure is imposing on the elderly patients and that was my first and foremost concern with this matter,” he explained

Dr. Khani has had his chiropractor business in Fairdale for 17 years. He says he was involved in the public discussions regarding the roundabout and was told above-ground utilities within the project limits would be buried underground, then the utility poles he says were randomly installed.

“Indeed they had this opportunity way before approving this project to consider the businesses that have supported this project for years and years by paying our local taxes, property taxes and whatnot. We should have been included in this project,” he said.

The project team is made up of members from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Metro Public Works and LG&E. House Representative Jeffery Donohue says the service poles are in place to provide utilities for the nearby businesses and neighborhoods.

Many businesses would have to upgrade and re-wire their electrical systems which would cost anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars, because utilities are the responsibility of each business owner.

“They started putting up all new utility poles along the road, there's now eight new utility poles in a very short distance. The initial design that was presented to them is not the one that is necessarily being built now,” he said.

Dr. Khani says his business has taken a 50 percent decrease, adding his patients tell him they just would rather not come and deal with the headache.

The final project is less than a year away but some say getting there has already not been easy.

Fairdale falls under Representative Jeffery Donohue, that's district 37.

He says he attended many of the public meetings about the project and sent us a statement, “This roundabout will be the gateway to Memorial Forest, it will be the signature entrance and advantageous to the community once complete.”

LG&E tells WHAS 11, those utility poles were moved to accommodate construction and in the end of this project there will be less poles than there were before.

It's the placement of those poles that have business owners upset, because many don't have the extra thousands of dollars needed to upgrade their buildings and switch to underground utilities.