NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) – One day after a home explosion happened in Southern Indiana, experts are warning home owners to stay up to date on maintenance to avoid a similar tragedy.

Personal keepsakes, bricks and debris are scattered across the New Albany property where a home exploded Monday morning.

The sight is unsettling and those who heard it say so was the sound.

“Boom and the whole building was shaking, it felt like the building was going to come down, it was scary,” one neighbor said.

We now know the cause was a leak in a supply line connecting a furnace to an outside propane tank. Officials believe it went undetected because no one was living there.

Experts said in a typical situation the smell would be the only indicator that something was wrong.

"It could be a rotten egg smell or a skunk smell that might indicate the presence of gas,” David Elble, the vice president of Automatic Air Corporation, said.

Elble said a gas leak can be deadly if not handled properly.

He said, "If you do smell a gas leak in your home, the first thing you want to do is evacuate immediately don't turn off any switches, lights, appliances, don't turn them on. After you've left the facility, contact 911."

He also said annual maintenance can be the preventative action that saves your home.

"We also would suggest that you have water heaters inspected, furnaces should be inspected not only for leaks for natural gas or propane but also for combustion gasses- make you sure you have a combustion analysis performed on your systems annually,” Elble explained.

These measures are critical, Elble said, to keep your home safe from a leak that could be disastrous and even deadly.