LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The grandmother of the unarmed man shot by an LMPD officer last week is opening up for the first time about Bruce Warrick's past and why she says the department needs to discipline the officer who fired her gun.

Last Wednesday, officers entered a vacant house on 26th and Magazine Street in the Russell neighborhood, body camera footage shows Warrick hiding behind a mattress and officer Sarah Stumler shooting him moments later. He was shot in the stomach.

Doctors say the bullet exploded inside of him, he's had 2 surgeries, his gallbladder, pancreas and other intestines have been removed. His grandmother says that body camera footage was the worst thing she's ever seen.

“For me to hear her voice say put your hands up and then so quickly I heard that gunfire,” Frances Washburn said.

Police were responding to a call about someone doing drugs outside of an abandoned home on 26th and Magazine Street on March 1.

Police say Officer Sarah Stumler shot Warrick who was hiding behind a mattress.

“That was too quick it was too quick,” Washburn added.

She says the 38-year-old has battled on and off with a drug addiction, but was far from violent.

“He was trying his best to deal with it and he'd go into rehab and when he'd finish he'd be two and three years clean,” Washburn said.

She says she harbors no ill will towards Officer Stumler but says this is a case of excessive force and she must be disciplined.

“Just be held accountable – I don't' want this swept under the rug, whether take her weapon away, give her a desk job, I don't want to see the woman lose her livelihood, I'm not looking for that. She doesn't need to be holding a gun anymore in an official capacity.”

The Warrick family gave WHAS11 News pictures which may be tough to look at, they show Bruce in the hospital or as Washburn calls him “BB”.

He's still heavily sedated and unable to talk after two surgeries. Washburn says without notice Jefferson County Drug Court Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke visited the ICU to check on a man she's watched change his life around.

“Every day he gets better, that's a plus,” Washburn said with a faint smile.

LMPD has placed Officer Stumler on administrative leave and its public integrity unit is now investigating this shooting.

Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke with the Jefferson County Drug Court sent this statement to WHAS11:

“We are deeply saddened to learn of Wednesday's events. As a graduate of our program, Bruce was a generous and positive influence on others and he worked hard to achieve success in his own recovery."