LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Evidence filed in Jefferson County court gives a glimpse at moments leading up to a high-speed police chase that ended with the crash that killed officer Nick Rodman.

The call started as a report of a woman being beaten by the father of her child and shots being fired at 26th and Madison.

Police learned the suspect is Wathaniel Woods, driving an old model silver Lexus. Woods is a man with a long criminal history, who some of the officers said they were familiar with.

"Tell him it’s Wathaniel. Hey, it’s Wathaniel, Wathaniel Woods. So he shot at the car, so it’s going to be good for a, I'd say it is going to be good for a warrant and search too," said one officer.

Included in the discovery, a call reportedly made by Woods while in jail.

"I was getting chased and you know he doing his job. I am doing mine and of course, you know I can’t stand to get caught with no pistol. So I caught my cut that's what we do. I cut through until we get rid of what we got and then we give up and take the little fleeing and evading and all that and all that that's what we do. We've been doing that forever," said Woods in the jail call.

According to court documents, Woods was traveling 78 miles per hour when he crashed into Rodman's police cruiser. A high-speed police chase through neighborhoods where the speed limit is 25.

"And I was getting chased and Lexi fast you know, (Woman: "I already know") I got a through (inaudible) on them and then I had one more corner to turn and I was gone that was it and I woke up in the hospital. I don’t remember nothing else," said Woods in the jail call.