LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- They may be young, but the kids at Breckenridge-Franklin Elementary are already learning the value of hard work and perseverance.

The school hosted its annual Walk-A-Thon Thursday in the Highlands neighborhood. WHAS11 is proud to partner with Breckenridge-Franklin this year, and our Sara Wagner got to cheer on all of the walkers Thursday morning.

Students started fundraising for the event a couple weeks ago and brought in more than $3,000. This year's project will fund new curtains for the school's stage. Students and staff said the addition will make a major difference for performances and promote school pride for everyone.

"They're realizing that not only is their school behind them and wants them to have the best experience at school ever, but the community is also behind them. One way that they can give back to the community is in the performances that they do. So, this new curtain will really help the performances to look much better because they look really sad right now,” art teacher Leslyn Rushing said.

"The stage curtains are going to be awesome as far as getting ready for all of these productions that we're doing and the recognitions, ceremonies, and graduation. It really highlights how important the arts are to the kids here. The kids are going to take pride in all of the productions more so than they already do now,” music teacher Kristi Schmidt said. “We are very grateful for the PTA and all of the parents and student support and of course everybody on the staff. It took a lot, but it's well worth it."

"I'm just happy that people notice me and other people. It just makes me feel good and warm inside,” fifth-grader Keegan Coomer said. "It teaches us how to be kind and compassionate to people."

"We want to make a good impression, and we want everyone to participate. Having the new curtains just makes it all good,” fifth-grader Analin McCray said. "It makes it new looking so our school doesn't look torn down because we need Bullfrog spirit."

"It helps us look better. Plus, it's just cool,” fifth-grader Darrion Houghton said.

"I love performing because I love to be so many different characters. It means that our school is more represented when we do musicals. On the sides, when people are looking at us, it kind of brightens it out,” fourth-grader Bianca Phoenix said.

Keeping with the theme, Mrs. Rushing rocked a very special costume as actual stage curtains. She said she got the inspiration from that famous skit in the Carol Burnett Show. The students finished off the Walk-A-Thon strong with a dance party and plenty of water.

Mrs. Rushing rocked a very special costume as actual stage curtains.