LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Crossing the 9th Street Divide for one east Louisville church isn't a task, it's a joy.

Christ Church United Methodist on Brownsboro Road near the Watterson and New Zion Baptist Church some 20 miles away in the Park Duvalle neighborhood are unveiling their partnership members hope will inspire many of you to move from beyond your comfort zone.

The pastor says this collaboration, he hopes will spur the racial reconciliation of expanding services and opportunities to West Louisville.

Togetherness is not just being with those who look like you, it’s about being with those who love like you do.

The sight of members of Christ Church United Methodist church attending West Louisville's New Zion Baptist church service is the definition of loving thy neighbor.

Russell Awkard, Pastor of New Zion Baptist Church says of the shared Sunday service, “I think this helps us all see that we are one community and how it has been said over and over again – we have more in common than we realize.”

Both sets of members have been working on renovating a transitional home right next door to New Zion. Long hours of sweat and sharing ideas will now benefit families who are forced out by fire, floods or other short term circumstances.

Ted Champion, a member of Christ Church United Methodist tells us, “It’s a partnership that hopefully shows the rest of the city that two sides of town can get together.”

You hear it so often that West Louisville is full of crime and poverty, both churches say it's time for that stigma to disappear.

“I think problems are problems on every corner and with families in every neighborhood, it just so happens that some of the more visible problems have surfaced in our community,” Rev. Awkard added.

From the thriving and vibrant Brownsboro road corridor to the quiet and quaint Southern Avenue in the Parkland neighborhood, giving back knows no bounds.

“We have to quit bickering back and forth about social issues or economic issues and work together to help each other,” Champion added.

Christ Church United Methodist also gives back to the Blue house, which we know well here at WHAS11.

That's where an orchestra veteran teaches music to west Louisville teenagers.

From the east to the west, members say they serve the same God so why not reach out to those living on the other side of the Watterson.

To contact Christ Church United Methodist on 4614 Brownsboro Rd, St Matthews, KY 40207 or by phone: (502) 897-6421.

To contact New Zion Baptist Church at 1501 Louis Coleman Drive, Louisville, KY or by phone 502-778-6002.