LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Some states have begun combating human trafficking by using the eyes of truckers. Kentucky has yet to employ the strategy, at least not yet.

Lawmakers shelved a plan in Frankfort the last session, Attorney General Andy Beshear blames politics for stalling the legislation. Tuesday, while speaking to hundreds of child advocates, the Attorney General urged the audience to contact their lawmakers when the General Assembly returns in January.

"Ultimately, it's politics and we have to break through politics”, Beshear insisted. “The fact that they wouldn't even give that bill a hearing is a shame and I hope they'll do it this year.”

The plans stalled after an introduction that would have added training on recognizing human trafficking to requirements for Commercial Driver's Licenses. Drivers would also receive information cards on reporting suspicious activity.

Only democrats sponsored the version in the Republican-dominated House. Republican State Senator Julie Raque Adams sponsored SB 141. The Senate is also controlled by the GOP.
Senator Raque Adams blames a time-strapped, shortened, general session but also said it's typical for some bills to go through a session after being introduced as a way of alerting the public to the legislation and allowing for more public input.

"So it's not unusual”, insisted Sen. Raque Adams, “but I'm really hopeful that if and when introduced this upcoming session that it will have more attention placed upon its passage.”

When asked whether she would sponsor the bill again if the AG pushed for it, the Louisville Republican answered, “I’d love to sponsor it.”.