LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It's a drive Kurt Fitzpatrick would rather avoid, but his job off Dixie Highway takes him through the often-crowded corridor in southwest Louisville.

"None of it has even made any sense," Fitzpatrick said.

He's peeved the 5-mile-long paving project will take three years to complete. Kentucky's Transportation Cabinet says delays in relocating utility lines and correcting drainage issues pushed back the project nearly two years. Fitzpatrick and others who attended this Monday night meeting feel stonewalled.

"For three years, we've been driving up and down the road tore up like that for no reason," he told WHAS11.

Construction from Stonegate Manor Drive to Greenwood Road started in June 2015. A one-mile portion from Stonegate to Bethany Lane was completed on time, but the delays began when crews couldn't cut down trees to expand the road because bats were living in the trees.

"Lots and lots of disgruntled people and rightfully so," said Metro Councilwoman Cindi Fowler. Her district covers Valley Station, she took questions from concerned residents who claim they've been shut out from all communications from the state and the construction company. She felt the heat and understands why so many are mad about the slowdown.

"We are no further along right now I don't think than we were last year," she said to WHAS11.

"I hope that we light a fire under someone's butt so we can get this dag-gone project done," Fitzpatrick replied.

Hall Construction has a May 15, 2018 deadline to complete the work. If that goal is not met, a $25,000 penalty will be assessed each day.