LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A day after leading police on a chase through parts of downtown Louisville, and the Highlands, one of the suspects is out of jail.

Devonta Newson, 18, is back at home tonight and some, including the Commonwealth Attorney, is asking why.

A judge warned Newson today that if he didn't change his ways it was only a matter of time before he was killed.

Court records show that Thursday's chase wasn't his first run-in with the law, and it was said in court that it may not even be his last, but tonight he's back at home.

"Your honor clearly he's a low risk, moderate to re-offend,” said a public defender. “He has family here to support him."

A Jefferson County Judge wants you to take a good look at this man.

"You need to get a good picture of him you can put it on a t-shirt when he gets himself killed,” said the judge.

Just a day ago 18-year-old Devonta Newson was involved in a high-speed chase that played out live on WHAS11 across the span of 20 minutes.

"The subject was the passenger in the stolen vehicle, and the subject was in the area of several shots fired,” said the judge.

But court records show this wasn't even the teen's first run-in with the law.

"He is 18, he's a low risk to fail to appear,” said the judge. “He's a moderate risk to re-offend."

According to arrest warrants on November 2, Newson was seen in this area of East St. Catherine after police received a report of gunshots.

Weapons were found nearby, but at the time they couldn't connect him to the repainted guns that were missing serial numbers.

"Several days later a video was posted on social media,” said the judge. “The defendant was in the video holding one of the guns recovered."

Combining the high-speed chase, with the warrant was enough to set a $100,000 bond, but a commonwealth attorney still had to fight a request to release the teen on house arrest.

"If these are the people he's associating with they've been arraigned on multiple counts of as assault 1, wanton endangerment 1st for shooting people,” said the Commonwealth's Attorney. “The county thinks he presents a danger to the community."

"I'm going to release him on HIP, but he is house bound,” said the judge. “If he's outside of his house there is going to be an alarm that goes off and he's going to be put in jail. You need to talk to himself before he gets himself killed because with this kind of behavior I'd say it's predictable that he dies at an early age."